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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I agree entirely with your views on this issue, and thank you for your work to raise the profile of “Dignity, Freedom, Privacy and Security in a technological society”.

    Just one question: you seem to focus mainly on the issues surrounding techno-surviellance by the state, and related groups. It seems to me that even greater (?) voluntary and involuntary data collection by private companies poses similarly important threats. “Big data” collection and analysis by private companies is used for all manner of ends, from focused advertising to political campaigns. Moreover, there are a growing number of links between government held data and privately held data. I have been told by a hotelier, for example, that when you check into a hotel all the data you give the hotel is routinely given to the local police – to be checked against lists of outstanding arrest warrants, etc. Anyway, my point is simply that private sector data requirements, collation and use, together with sharing of that data with government, greatly exacerbates the concerns rightly held about surveillance by the state.

    Please accept my apologies if you have already covered these issues, but I missed them.

    Best wishes


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